Black Leatherette Watch Holder

$ 59.95

The Parker men's watch organizer and storage box is perfect for protecting and storing favorite collections and timepieces. Designed specifically for the avid watch collector looking to showcase their collection, this men's watch box has a curved domed solid lid, adding space for watches, jewelry, and other accessories carefully stored inside.

This sharp, modern watch box's elegance is emphasized by its black color in textured faux leather, making its one-of-a-kind character noticed wherever it goes. Additionally, its hand lined gray sueded fabric announces the watch collectors most prized possessions. Ensuring the care of each timepiece, the Parker men's watch organizer contains ten equally sized compartments, which each include removable padded watch cushions in grey sueded fabric, making storing items a carefree activity.

Need additional space for more items? Underneath the stylish lid you'll find a slim strap for easy storage. Use this space to hold money, photos, or other personal accessories. As if this thoroughly designed men's watch case wasn't sophisticated enough, a tabbed magnetic snap closure completes the outer appearance, perfecting this exceptional watch box and storage organizer.

Size: 9.50" W x 8.25" L x 3.75" D

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