About Our Artists

At Clocks Etc., we are proud to showcase items made by artists throughout the United States.  We personally know many of these artists and have forged excellent working relationships with them.

Allen Designs

Michelle Allen has been making clocks for over 20 years.  She lives in Washington State and her clocks are whimsical, fun and will make you smile.  Who knew telling time could be this much fun!

Blue Handworks (Garden Art & Home Accessories)

Laura and Doug design all of their products in California and they specialize in fun and functional garden art.  Decorate your garden with bird bistros, glass windchimes, whirligigs and more.  You’ll love this line and so will your friends.

Floating Circus ( Clocks, Gifts & Home Accents)

John Kowalski was one of the original owners of Timeworks.  He is now on his own and living in Washington State.  We have always loved his products and we are very excited about his new designs as he continues to build the line.  Here is what John has to say about Floating Circus:

“The name Floating Circus comes from “Cirque Flottant”, the name of one of the regular dealers at “les Puces de Saint-Ouen” flea market, on the outskirts of Paris.  The antique dealer borrowed the name from an old French children’s book – which I now own.   During my years in France, I must have wandered through his space dozens of times and was always sure to find a fun and interesting mix of old stuff.   The owner has long since gone away, but he would be happy to know that the name lives on.

A lot of the art and ideas in our line came from that same flea market – and others like it throughout France, England and the United States.   Some of the art, like the animal engravings, date to the late 1700’s.  We’re happy to give this old art new life (sometimes with revisions), and make it available to everyone, at prices a lot more reasonable than the original!”

Kristen Gregersen (Hand-painted Notecards)

Kristen was raised in Orinda and, for the past 30 years, has lived in Lafayette.  She has been painting her whole life and began painting notecards in 2006.  Each card takes 40-60 minutes to paint and there is a "surprise" painted on the flap of each envelope that corresponds to the design on the notecard.  Each card is individually packaged in a clear plastic envelope.  Her cards can be framed, given as a gift or sent as a greeting card.   Some words from Kristen:  "My style of painting is simple and bright.  Some designs are cute, some are pretty.  I just love color and love to use combinations of complementary colors and shades of color together."

Moonlight & Roses (Wall & Table Clocks)

Her love of whimsy and childlike innocence inspired Marta Peters to start her business in 1988.  She places emphasis on excellence in workmanship, utilizing the finest of materials with particular attention to detail including glitter on many of the clocks.

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