Expert Clock Repair

Scott Hampton, clockmaker, was trained at John O’Connell Institute in San Francisco and has been performing expert clock repair since 1975. 

Please visit our contact page for phone and address info.

Mechanical clocks

Due to the volume of work we have, we have had to limit the number of mechanical clocks we take in.  Please call us for more information before bringing your clock in for repair.

Battery clocks

Please bring your clock in for a free estimate. 

Housecalls on floor clocks

We generally do housecalls on Wednesdays; morning, afternoon and evening and we schedule housecalls 1-3 weeks in advance.  Please call us to set up an appointment.

Setting the time on modern clocks

To set the time, move only the MINUTE hand.  You may move it counterclockwise (backwards) until the hour and minute hands are at the correct time without pausing to allow the clock to chime.  If you move the minute hand in the clockwise direction, you must pause and allow the clock to chime each quarter.  Most modern clock movements have a self correcting feature which synchronizes the chimes with the time.  Allow up to an hour and a half for the chimes to synchronize.

For antique clocks, please call us for setting instructions.  Do not move the minute backwards when setting the clock.

Setting the moon dial

To set the moon dial, apply slight pressure, using a glove or cloth, with your fingers to the front of the moon dial.  Or preferably, open or remove the side panel and rotate the moon dial clockwise until the moon is directly below the #15.  Using an almanac or calendar, determine the date of the last full moon. Count the number of days past the last full moon.  Turn the moon dial clockwise one click for every day past the full moon. 

If the moon dial does not move easily, the gears are engaged.  Wait a few hours and then try moving it again.  

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